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We’re rewilding Aotearoa

Join us and ‘rewild’ yourself! Find out how Fish & Game is rewilding Aotearoa New Zealand with our Quiz.

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Over the next two seasons we’re running two competitions you can easily participate in.

Competition #1: Snap’n’Share

Take a photo of your favourite wild spot on a NZ freshwater river, lake or wetland. Share it on socials and tag us #ReWildSnap with your region. ENTER online.

Be in to WIN prizes for Christmas.

Competition #2: Wild Your Kai

Take a photo of some “wild kai” you’ve harvested from a NZ freshwater river, lake or wetland.
Share it social and tag us #ReWildKai with your region.

Be in to WIN prizes while you’re cooking.


Our work across the land

At Fish & Game our work is dedicated to protecting, conserving and rewilding of Aotearoa New Zealand’s natural wetlands and waterways.

We believe that everyone should have access to New Zealand’s fish and game resources, from anglers and hunters, to nature-lovers and conservationists. It’s good for nature and good for our mental health.

We strive to make Aotearoa New Zealand a better place for both nature and people. Where wildlife can thrive, and communities can benefit from the resources that nature provides. Help us protect, restore and rewild natural habitats.

We foster mahinga kai for generations to come. Hunting and fishing, recreational harvest, gathering kai. Sustaining meaningful relationships between whānau and the environment. Come join us.

It’s time to ‘rewild’ yourself.
Experience nature, improve mental and physical well-being, re-establish a sense of belonging and connect to the environment around you. Let’s celebrate Aotearoa and rewild together.

Our divers monitor over 100 different rivers throughout the country.

Fish & Game staff equipped with snorkelling gear drifted  down 100’s of kilometres of rivers across NZ, recording the health of these rivers, including water quality, the health of both the trout fishery and native fish, and of insect life.

Approximately $22 Million has been invested so far in restoring wetlands, mainly on private rural land, in partnership between hunters and landowners.

Fish & Game are responsible for securing 12 of the 16 WCOs (Water Conservation Orders) currently in place for 13 rivers and three lakes across the country.

More than 10,000 international anglers took to the water in pursuit of New Zealand’s renowned wild trout during the recent fishing season.

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How does Fish & Game benefit New Zealand?

Test your wild knowledge and learn about what we do at the same time. How much do you know about who’s looking after our fresh waterways and wetlands? How much impact have we had on wild New Zealand?

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